A tandem brings together a refugee and a volunteer. Together they work on one or several aspects of the refugee's integration in Luxembourg, for instance:


  •      Introduction to French/Luxembourguish/German and guidance to sign up for official language classes (the tandem does not  replace a real language course!)


  •     Tutoring in support of official language classes;


  •     Support in administrative proceedings;


Every month, we organize  a collective event which brings together asylum seekers, refugees and residents. This means that new bonds are created thanks to a shared activity or a common goal.


“Summertime” rimes with “holidays” for many people in Luxembourg. For asylum seekers waiting on the administration to deliver its decision, time goes by slowly, which exacerbates both uncertainty and stress. Even more so during the summer, when activities –including the languages courses, main vehicle for integration – stop.

This is why we organize cultural and language workshops every summer.

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