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Occasional volunteering

We welcome all and everyone to help us foster the social link between refugees and asylum seekers and the residents of Luxembourg. It is of course possible to attend our monthly events only occasionally.  Some of the events are family-oriented, but not all of them. You can follow us on our Facebook page, on this website or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Regular volunteering

Thanks to our Tandems, you can do voluntary work with a flexible schedule. Indeed, you and the person you’re helping set the date for your own meetings. 

Some of our volunteers are even full-time workers with children.


If you want to have a more active role within the association, you can become a member and join our bimonthly meetings to take part in the elaboration of our projects.

Legal volunteering

Our Legal Monitoring and Action Section in the field of asylum law (known as “the Legal Section”) is in need of volunteers with a background in Law or legal professionals. If you want to know more or want to offer your services, please contact us by e-mail or by phone.


         How the Legal Section works

We also provide our volunteers information on the procedure for asylum and the situation of asylum seekers in the Grand-duchy and in Europe.

Don't hesitate to contact us !

Project Coordinator


+352 691 311 890

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