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Passerell is a Luxembourgish association

involved in the defence and application of the rights of asylum seekers, beneficiaries and refused asylums seekers.


Approved by the bar of Luxembourg


Supported by the ministry of justice

Passerell est une association luxembourgeoise


active dans la défense et l'exercice des droits des demandeurs, bénéficiaires et déboutés du droit d'asile.


agrée par le barreau

soutenue par le ministère de la Justice

Passerell provides information and support to carry out administrative and legal formalities, as well as info about the asylum process itself.  

Passerell provides administrative support in the area of family réunification. It means : information, contact with the consulates or refugee camps were the family might be located. 

Passerell gives a specific type of assistance for vulnerable people.

Their social issues connect with difficulty with migration issues (Rights of the Child, mental health, domestic violence).

Passerell carries out socialisation projects for exiles living in Luxembourg to get out of the isolation through: Summer workshops, tandems, socialisation events (such as Kultimulti)

Passerell is advocating to defend fundamental rights and their prevalence in the Rule of Law: publications, legal newsletters.

Passerell a.s.b.l.

4 rue Mathias hardt, L-1717 Luxembourg

Cassie : + 352 691 311 890 

Ambre : +352 621 811 162

Marion : + +352 621 592 954

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