Ambre Schulz, Project Officer

Ambre Schulz has been our Project Officer since November 2018. She graduated from Sciences Po in France with a Master's degree in Multi-Level Governance and International Relations. From May to October 2018 she had completed her final year internship at Passerell. In January 2019, she travelled to Italy in order to document the reception conditions of two asylum seekers who were transferred from Luxembourg based on the Dublin Regulation.

Catherine Warin, President and co-founder

I was born in Canada and I grew up in France, I have been living in Luxembourg for five years. I have a Phd in European Union Law and I am a trainee lawyer. I have been volunteering for asylum seekers and refugees since May 2015. From my encounter with Cassie and our common wish to do more for the integration of refugees Passerell was born. Since then I am president of the association and I work especially on the development of the Pink Paper project.

Cassie Adélaïde, Treasurer and co-founder

I come from Brittany in France and I studied political science in Rennes. Then I came to Luxembourg for professional reasons. I have been working in the field of financial sector during 5 years. In 2012 I met and became friends with an asylum seeker. By helping him go through various procedures (asylum application, family reunion, housing application…) I have learnt a lot on the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Luxembourg. So was born the willingness to contribute to the integration of refugees.

Since the 1st November 2016, I have been working as project coordinator for Passerell.

Noëlle Gerin, Member of the board

Looking for a way of "giving back » in the summer time in 2016, I encountered the devoted members of Passerell and immediately felt like joining them. I had juste graduated Law school in Brussels and was about to start the « Cours complémentaires de droit luxembourgeois » here, in my home country.  Being the only luxembourgish speaking member at that time, I started with a tandem with a lovely girl from Syria to help her with her school work. As much as I may be supporting her, she and her family support and encourage me,in their own special way. 

This type of exchange is probably what fascinates et passionates me most. 

It kind of balances out the cliché positions of one being the « helper" and the other being "in need of help". When it comes to humanity, in the end, we all seek for the same things: happiness, love, comprehension, empathy, safety...

Alexandre Labignette, Member of the Board

I moved from the South of France to Luxembourg a few years ago. I worked for over ten years as a qualified lawyer in the financial sector. I wanted to put my legal skills to good use by joining a people-focused project.

I was immediately convinced by Passerell's approach of developing connections with asylum seekers. Thanks to the team's warm welcome I quickly integrated within the organization - I took part both in the tandems project and in the Pink Paper project. Being a member of Passerell is an extremely rewarding experience.


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History of Passerell

Catherine and Cassie met in spring 2015. They were both volunteering in the Don Bosco and Lily Unden refugee homes of the Luxembourgish Red Cross. They began by serving meals and coordinating a course of introduction to French. As they came up with ideas to improve the life of asylum seekers they started to develop contact with existing organisations and finally set up their own project in February 2016. The project gained momentum when it was granted subsidies by the Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, following the Mateneen call for projects.

 The Organisation was joined by  Sarra, Noëlle, then came Audrey, Alexandre... and today it has 15 dedicated members.


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